Mar 29, 2012

Time does fly

Hi everybody!
Wow, time sure does fly.
Just a few days after handing my previous semester's projects, a new semester has begun.
About 3 weeks have passed since then and I already lost count (until reminded today).
I must say I enjoy the current semester. A lot more than those before it.
I still don't have a lot to show but I think that in the upcoming weeks I will have more.
I hope to write many updates soon enough because I sure have a lot to share on my mind.

For now, here are two pieces.
The first one is a little exercise in directing an animated scene.
We had to sketch a frame with an interesting composition,
From which the viewers could figure out details about the situation.
The second, is a little sketch collection of Eskimo character design.
Now I have to say both aren't finished, though I still wanted to show some progress.
I would love to write a lot about the process I've been through (and I will, sometime),
However for now, I will live you with these.


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