Dec 25, 2011

If you understand this...

You're an animator - congratulations!

Yes, topology can be frustrating. I've been working on a stylized character modeling for one of our assignments at college and it just keeps amazing me that no matter how much I know about topology from tutorials and such, nothing really helps when you get to the modeling process yourself. So instead of beating up my computer to a pulp, I've taken out my rage on this quick meme-like sketch that portrays my sincere feelings and thoughts while trying to fix the topology of the character. Hopefully, I will be able to show better results in regards of the model itself. Meanwhile, in case any 3D artist reads this, I would be more than happy and thankful to hear any advice regarding the modeling process.

Just a short introduction

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog.
For a long time I've been planning on having this awesome blog, like many of my favorite artists.
For a long time I've been planning on writing this awesome introduction where I reveal myself to all of you nice readers. Then i figured non of this is going to happen if I don't just throw myself into the deep waters. And that is why I'm here, completely improvising my first post with no planning whatsoever.

So you ask yourself what the hell is it all about? Not sure why and how you got here?
Well this blog will be dedicated from now and indefinitely to my development as an artist.
Now I'm sure you're asking yourself "So who the hell are you?" right?
My name's Terry and as we speak (well, I'm speaking), I'm a second year animation student.
I'd usually say that I've been drawing all my life, but as the years go by, I understand that it's not quite how I'd put it nowadays. In any case, I like sketching, I like animation and that's kinda what it's all about here.

Now since everybody get tired of reading long posts very quickly, I will leave the rest to future posts.
So hop in and enjoy the ride ;)